The lycrastorm location

As location for lycrastorm - the international spandex party - we decided for Kaiserbründl. Its an amazing underground location and perfect for our party. Don´t think about a sauna when you hear its an old, imperial bathhouse. Its more than a sauna and not only sauna lovers will like this great place. Kaiserbründl has different areas with all the amenities we need. So we will have a social area with a bar, a big dancefloor and a huge playarea with different rooms.

Take a virtual tour of the Kaiserbründl!

The Kaiserbründl

The Kaiserbründl in Vienna is one of the most beautiful saunas in the world! According to Spartacus Gay Guide, it is 'a must for the international tourist!' In addition to the original, elegant furnishing, the Kaiserbründl offers 1,700 m² space for fun, relaxing and more. Including saunas, a cruising steam bath, playrooms, cabins with TV, relaxation areas and much more. Also slings, darkrooms, prison with cages and glory-holes. In addition a fitness room is available.

The rooms

At lycrastorm we have a big social area and an huge play area. We will create different rooms for all your needs. Stay tuned, we will announce the new room concept in time before the party.

Spandex Party

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