Hot and tight! First lycrastorm was a great success!

The first edition of lycrastorm is in the history books. And we are happy to tell you: lycrastorm is THE international spandex party. With 100 lycra guys from 11 nations the dream to create an international big event for lycra guys became true.

The atmosphere was amazing. In the social area including a bar and a dancefloor guys could talk and got in touch with other sexy lycra guys. Mood loaded music for all dancers who wanna shake their lycra bulges and for sure, a big play area, that was frequently used. Our highlight was the foam room. A guest from Belgium is got a point: “Lot of guys danced or played in the foam. Some guys were afraid to get wet. And for sure you will get wet in a foam room. Anyway that was a lot of fun and a big special at lycrastorm."

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We hope that all guests enjoyed it and will spread the word to their friends, to establish lycrastorm as a platform for lycra guys.

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