A digital get-together for all lycra gearhounds

With lycrastorm we are creating a platform for all guys into spandex. After the first lycrastorm party (100 guests from 11 countries) we are on a good path. To offer a get-together of hot lycra gearhounds all over the world in time until the next party we launched “lycrastorm talk”.

Pics, tips and local activities!

"lycrastorm talk" is a Telegram group where lycra guys can exchange pictures of themselves, share shopping offers or plan some activities together. For example, one guy suggested a cycling ride from Vienna to Bratislava and is looking for guys who wanna join. So, we hope that a lot of lycra gearhounds will join and add local activities around the world.

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With hashtags topics could easily be bundled up. The official hashtags are:

#introduction: Every new member is invited to tell something about himself.
#thatsme: If you post pics of yourself.
#shopping: Share a shopping offer for new gear.
#event: Share an event tip.
#activity: Organise an real life activity, like a cycling tour or going out.

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Why are we using Telegram?

We decided to use Telegram because it’s a safe and free message service without tracking and adverts. Telegram offers private communication and is a secure and easy to use system. The Telegram messenger is cloud-based and so offers more facilities for groups compared to other messengers. For example; you can share across all your devices, messages are never lost, you can view group messages posted before you joined or much more.

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We will publish some tips for „lycrastorm talk“ soon. Stay tuned!